Create first Project in Java “Hello World”

After the Java IDE is installed. Follow the following steps to create a new project in Java and write your first code in java called ‘Hello World’.

Step 1:

Click ‘File’ -> ‘New Project’. or simply press,

creating new project in java netbeans

Step 2:

Select ‘Java with Maven’ then click the Next button to create the project. Write the project name and group ID. And hit the Finish button.

select the category of Java project
Give project name and the select location

Step 3:

Select your project. Select the empty package, click ‘New’. Write your Class Name. And click Finish. Now you are only 3 steps away from your first java hello world project.

Create new class in empty package
Give new class a name

Step 4:

In Java, there are a lot of easy ways to code with many shorten tricks.

In the class write ‘psvm’ and hit the tab button on the keyboard.

press p s v m and tab

Step 5:

Write ‘sout’ and press the tab button again.

press s o u t and tab button

Step 6:

Write what you want to write in the double quotation. Click the (f6) button or the green run button in the IDE. The compiler will look for the main class in the whole project and then run the project.

click the run option or press F6
running the first java project

Creating new project and writing first code is also accomplished.

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