Create own website: best easy website site-building

Create Own Website


To create a completely dynamic website as easily as possible.


  1. Domain Name
  2. SSL for Domain
  3. Hosting Server
  4. WordPress
  5. Website Content
  6. Theme
  7. Google Account
  8. Plugins

Create Own Website requirements Explained:

Domain Name:

Create a unique domain name. It could be your company name, institute name, etc. Try to make it simple yet elegant. Take help from or

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Secure Sockets Layer (SSL):

Why we need it? It’s a certificate to prove your website is fully secured. So that if you are creating a website for e-commerce, portfolio, wedding planner or to display your work to the world to provide your services, an SSL certificate allows gaining Trust from the users.

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Hosting Server:

A website needs an online server space where you can store your data. So that whenever a person visits your website those data are displayed to them retrieving those. Also keeping all those data safe from intruders is a must. So, it’s best to buy paid hosting. So, whether you are new or a pro in this area, I would recommend using Namecheap hosting plans. They provide the best plans according to your need.

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Among all the CMS (Content Management System) out there my favorite in WordPress. It’s super easy to interact. Along with plugins and themes, it has become the most popular website development platform.

Website Content:

If you are self-employed or work for a company that has no online presence it’s high time to go online and boost your business and reach more people. So, list out all your information, gather necessary data, and point out everything. When ready then start building your website.


Themes are the most important feature when it comes to website development. The theme is primarily a template of how the website will look like. If you have a store and want to add all products to the website you need an e-commerce website theme. If you have services to provide, News publisher,  Education,  Photography. In WordPress, there are a lot of free themes as well as paid ones. The free themes generally have some limitations. The Pro version allows more features. You can get free & paid themes from the huge theme market place online and that is

Google Account:

After creating the website you definitely want people to visit your site. Google SEO will help your audience to find your website. For this, you need accounts in google search console and google analytics. I will discuss it in detail later.


There are free plugins that will help your website to be properly set for public use. These are Real-time find and replace, monster insights, yoest SEO, elemetor, and a lot more. I will clearly explain step by step later.

Ok, now that you know about all the requirements for creating your own website.

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